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Daniella Rabbani

"Susan Main changed my work, my life and my Voice forever. In the Spring of 2012 I had heaps of talent, gusto and training. I also had lesions on my vocal cords. I had lost a significant amount of notes in my range and was on my way to surgery and months of vocal rest. A trusted friend suggested I see Susan before I take a knife to my vocal chords. Desperate to sing at a meaningful concert in a month, I did. Susan worked tirelessly to rehabilitate my voice and confidence as she reconnected me with the reason why I do what I do. I got back on stage and killed it after a month and never underwent surgery. Since I met Susan, I have toured the world singing, booked 15 national VoiceOver TV commercials, 2 feature films and found the fun in acting again. Susan rehabilitated my speaking and singing voice and reignited the fire inside me to do the work and do it well. I am forever indebted to Susan for this and so much more."
Daniella Rabbani, Actress & Producer, NYC