How I work

“Physicalize your passion instead of just intellectualizing it. Breathe!”

The breath is the fundamental pathway to allow your true, soul-self to be revealed through your voice. I create the circumstances which allow you to be moved: by the breath, by the present moment, by your passion, by your desire to connect to your audience.

This work is like going on an archaeological dig through the strata of the physical, the habitual, the ego, the emotions, the spiritual… to the bedrock of the soul, and then restoring the mental and physical pathways for the soul to become manifest in the vibrations of sound. Through one-on-one sessions or in workshops, I give you practical, repeatable tools to help you rediscover the courage to reveal that profound voice that exists in you right now. Your voice is waiting to be unleashed. It is desperate to speak up. It is your birthright.

I help to inspire you literally and figuratively, so in turn, you can inspire yourself and your audience.